IP Subnet Calculator

This interface is designed to take as input settings people find in the control panels on their computers, or via terminal commands like ipconfig on Windows and ifconfig on Linux, Unix & Mac OS X.

Specifically, the computer's IP address, and the configured netmask. Based on these two inputs information about the IP subnet the computer is configured to use will be computed.

IP Addresses should be entered as so-called dotted quads, e.g.

Netmasks can be entered in a number of formats, corresponding to the different ways the are show in different interfaces on different operating systems. The following examples are all valid 24,, ffffff00, 0xffffff00.

Input - Network Configuration

Details for

Binary Conversions

Raw InputBinary

The Vital Statistics

  • Subnet Notations:

  • Network Address:

    The Network Address is calculated by performing a bitwise AND between the IP address and the subnetmask.
    BinaryDotted Quad
    IP AND Netmask
  • Broadcast Address:

    The Broadcast Address is calculated by inverting the netmask, and then performing a bitwise OR between the inverted netmask and the network address.
    BinaryDotted Quad
    Inverted Netmask
    Netword Address
    Inveted Netmask OR Network Address
  • Usable Addresses:

    The first usable host is calculated by incrementing the Network Address by 1. The last usable address is calcualted by decrementing the Broadcast Address by 1. The Number of hosts is calculated according to the following equation: Hosts = (2^n) - 2, where n is the number of bits set to 1 in the Netmask.
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IP Tester

Is IP In this Subnet?

If performing a bitwise AND between the test IP and the Netmask results in the same value as the Network Address, the IP is contained within the subnet, otherwise it is not.
BinaryDotted Quad
Test IP
Test IP AND Netmask
Network Address